Augmented Reality Advertising with The Rugby Register

Augmented Reality Advertising with The Rugby Register 405 722 JazzyDan

What is Augmented Reality? Well the best way to explain is to show you this quick video.

As you will see using the Layar App the printed advert is scanned. The app then super imposes video content (also created by iam39) over the image at the top of the advert. Buttons are also super imposed over the content at the bottom of the advert, a like us button to like the facebook page, a call now button which initiates a phone call from the mobile device in one click, and a button to direct the user directly to the website. All of this content follows the advert when the mobile device is moved around (you will also see this illustrated in the video) giving an interactive 3D effect, hence the name Augmented Reality.  More effects can be added, such as groups of carousel images that can be swiped through and even 3D content.

Augmented reality is going to be huge and important in the very near future, with the likes of Samsung and Apple being completely onboard and building their devices in ways which enhance this technology. And the likes of Blippar and Layar creating generic apps to support this type of content, allowing you to get your ideas in front of your clients cheaper, faster and with ease. The benefits of this technology speak for themselves. Your advert not only works as a standard printed piece, but also comes to life with this new technology, encouraging your customers to interact with you in new exciting ways.

It’s been great fun working with Helen Taylor Aesthetics and The Rugby Register on this project. If you would like help with your Augmented Reality Project, do not hesitate to get in touch.

The future is here, not only is it amazing but its great fun.



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