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Consumers are becoming very visual and are much more likely to watch content than they are to read content.

So use movement and animation on your website.

Both not only increase the amount of time a visitor is likely to spend on your site, but are a great way to get your message across quickly and effectively.  A great example of this is the PDO Threads Microsite I recently completed for Helen Taylor Aesthetics, the animated header is the perfect way to catch the visitors eye and illustrate the areas the treatment is effective for, of course this is responsive and functions perfectly across all devices. Their are numerous ways to use movement in your website, the most obvious ones being video content, animated GIFs and HTML 5, all of these techniques can be seen demonstrated on another of my websites recently developed for Matt Jones.

Video is also a fantastic way to get your message across, this can not only be used to great effect on your website, but also across all of your social media accounts. A great example of this is the video below which I also created for Helen Taylor Aesthetics.

If you would like help getting your message across please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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