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5 WordPress Plug-Ins You Must Use

5 WordPress Plug-Ins You Must Use 1180 1180 JazzyDan

These will be very familiar to you if you’re a WordPress veteran, however if you’re just starting your journey with WordPress then these will be of the upmost important to your peace of mind.


Security - WordFence

One of the most important things you need to do is protect yourself from Hackers and Malware, by far the best plug-in I have found for this is WordFence. Not only is it easy to use, but at its basic level (which will be more than enough for your needs) its free.


Performance - Hummingbird

As discussed in my previous post, your SEO results are now effected by the speed of your website. One of my favourite plug-ins and a great start towards optimising your site is Hummingbird, which you can download for free here.


SEO - Yoast

Getting yourself found on the internet is very important to your success. SEO can be a tricky little beast to master. Yoast make this super easy to understand with their simple to use plug-in, and again the starter level plug-in is completely free to download.


Backups - Updraft Plus

This is important and you’ll thank me for it one day, keep Backups, keep more than 1! One day you’ll have an accident and loose something important, being able to go back in time multiple weeks to retrieve that file will be a godsend. I’ve used multiple different backup plug-ins over the years but one of best I have found is UpdraftPlus and like all of the plug-ins I’m recommending here it has a free to download version to get you started.


Analytics - MonsterInsights

Once you’re up and running and you are getting lots of lovely visitors to your site, it’s very useful and rewarding to be able to see how many visitors you are getting on a daily basis and where they are coming from. MonsterInsights have developed a fantastic plug-in with one of the best looking interfaces I have seen. Again its simple to configure and free to download.

This covers off 5 of the most important areas of your WordPress site, and these plug-ins all play very nicely together. Make sure you follow iam39 on your social media platform of choice as I plan on doing lots more of these useful articles.

Good luck with your website and should you need a hand you know who to contact.


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