10 SEO Tips For Beginners

10 SEO Tips For Beginners 2017

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It’s all well and good having a beautiful website, but theres not much point if nobody can find you. So in its simplest form here is my secret recipe to SEO success…..



Links, Links, Links, Google loves links. These come in 3 kinds, links to your website, links from your website and internal links. The most important being links to your website, the more websites that link to you the better, there are literally 100’s of free directories on the internet, so get to work and add yourself to as many of these as possible. Also, linking out to great content will score you SEO points. And make sure you have your internal links set-up correctly, if you talk about a page on your website link to it, make your site is as easy to navigate as possible.



Make sure your website is responsive. More than 50% of web traffic is now from mobile devices and this will only increase. Google are now penalising page authority scores if websites aren’t suitable for mobile devices. For more information on this watch my video below.



Keywords, research your keywords, pick a primary one, stick to it, and use it as much as possible (with-in reason). There are some great Keyword research tools on the market, but one of the best is The Google Keyword Planner and the best bit is it’s free to use. So research your keyword or key-phrase and use it in at least the following places, frequently in your copy especially early in the first paragraph, the page title, a subtitle, the meta-description for your page, the alt tags for any relevant images on your page, and finally in your pages unique url. More about keywords in my handy video below.



Length, this is a simple one, it’s not always going to be relevant, but where possible make sure the copy on your page is at least 400 words, the more useful content on your page the better.


Update Regularly

Update your site regularly! If it’s a blog, make sure you blog at least once a week. If it’s an eCommerce site, make sure you’re always adding new products. If it’s a portfolio, keep it up to date with nice new images. You get the picture. Also, make sure this is all linked and previewed on your home page, as this will be the most important page on your site.



It’s not a primary factor, but it’s a factor that google are using when calculating your page authority score. So make sure your site is optimised and a running on a good quality server.


Broken Links

Google hate broken links, so find a good broken link checker like this one, check your entire site and fix all your broken links.



Schema is growing in a big way, and being used more and more. So make sure you’re site is using it. One way to check it to use the handy Google Structured Data Testing Tool. If you’re not using it you can find out much more about it and how to use it here.



This one is especially important if you’re running an eCommerce site, make sure your site is easy to navigate. Every page should be no more than 3 clicks away from each other, or even better 2. For example, if you’re running a pet shop, and the customer is looking for a dog bowl, finding it should be one click from your homepage to dogs and then one more click to dog bowls to bring up a list of all the dog bowls on the site.

Dog Drink

Social Media

Nobody seems to be quite sure exactly how much influence it has, however experts definitely agree that posting direct links to your content on your social media accounts will influence your SEO results, especially if people are interacting with that content. Sharing, liking and commenting all count as interactions.

Hopefully thats more than enough information and tips to get you started on your way to SEO success. Good luck and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more help.


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